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Start your Palm OS/Garnet OS powered device with a creative/wise quote by using Daily Quote for Palm OS! Daily Quote pops up a quote at startup over the currently running application - you can continue to work with the application after closing the popup!:

Daily Quote is unique due to its support of so-called quote databases. A quote database essentially is a file containing quotes that can be used as quote source and can also be transferred from handheld to handheld easily. This allows you to create a database of your favourite quotes - and should you desire to - even share it with your friends!

Here is a list of Daily Quote features - please browse this web page to find out more and download a free trial:

  • Create quote databases on the go
  • Contains over 100 interesting quotes in internal database
  • Show quote at first start-up of day, every hour or every time your device powers on
  • Quote popups - continue working with the active application after reading the quote
  • 2day plugin - integrate quotes into ShSh 2day
  • ZLauncher plugin - integrate quotes into ZZTechs ZLauncher