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The following questions have frequently been asked about BallZ. Please look at them carefully - if your question is already answered here, you can save a bit of time! It sometimes takes us up to 12 hours to respond to an email, so :):

BallZ is slow
On some OMAP machines, BallZ can be a bit slow in some scenarios. If BallZ is slow on your device, turn the background music off in the Settings. This should fix all speed issues. If speed issues still occur, contact customer care!

If I purchase BallZ, can I play it forever

I have found a "beta" version of BallZ online. What is this?
Beta versions are used to allow technically savvy users to test a program before it gets released to the public officially. However, once the program is shipped, betas usually get discarded. Do NOT download one of the beta versions available on the net as they could potentially be unstable!